In February 2003, Lil’ Mynx started working closely with Sheila Kelley, founder of the famous S Factor workout. Lil’ Mynx has been the provider of the permanent dance poles used in the S Factor studios and personal poles for her students to use at home.

As studios began popping up everywhere Lil’ Mynx became the go-to company for studio poles and set up solutions. Lil’ Mynx designed a Drop Mount for use in commercial space where removable poles were needed and permanent poles for taller spaces. The line of Lil’ Mynx studio poles is designed to do the job that other companies simply could not do. Lil’ Mynx is the only company dedicated to solving studio set up issues.

In 2004, the Lil’ Mynx Rotator Pole and Lil’ Mynx Pro Pole were introduced displaying hot new features such as rotating capability and a two-piece pole with a handy carrying case, respectively. Lil’ Mynx is also the only company offering custom sizing to meet your requirements.

In March of 2008 Lil’ Mynx was awarded a U.S. patent (97,338,411 B2) for both design and use. No other pole on the market has a patent. Also in 2008, Lil’ Mynx introduced the “Petite Pole” designed for smaller hands. The Petite is 45 mm diameter as opposed to the traditional 50 mm.

The entire Lil’ Mynx line is handcrafted one at a time from the finest carbon and stainless steel. It is manufactured entirely in the United States in Fontana, California, and is also available worldwide.

It’s no wonder all of Hollywood is rushing to get a Lil’ Mynx pole. Celebrity fans include Kim Kardashian, Tila Tequila, Kris Jenner, Roger Cross, Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, Fergie, Oprah, Lil Kim, Adam Sandler, Quentin Tarantino, Paula Abdul, Chris Masterson, Nia Vardalos, Shannon Elizabeth, Natasha Henstridge, Taryn Manning, Vanna White, Traci Bingham, Andrew Keegan, Christopher Knight, Adrianne Curry, Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson, and many more. Lil’ Mynx star clientele and customer satisfaction continue to make their removable stripper poles one of the hottest commodities on the market.