First re-measure your floor to ceiling height. The Lil’ Mynx comes standard to fit any size ceiling between 8-9′, 9-10′ or 8-10′ based on your Lil’ Mynx model. If just after receiving your pole you realize your ceiling height is less than 8 feet you need to ship your pole back to have it modified to fit your room. You will be responsible for all shipping costs and there may be some cost associated with the modification. There may be some restrictions when asking to modify an older pole (one that has been installed and used). Please call us to discuss your needs, (877) 700-7467. Under no circumstances should you try to modify the Lil’ Mynx yourself.


If your ceiling is between the specified height range of your model, you will want the pole assembly to be 1 to 1.25 inches longer than that length. Next, as long as your height is within those parameters you can adjust the pole length by rotating the adjustment tube while applying slight pressure towards the foot of the pole. Turn clockwise to shorten, counter clockwise to lengthen. Click Here For Example


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